In the last few months, Google has hinted at the growing importance of content creators, with the idea of giving an “author rank” for each, similar to the way websites have a “page rank.” This notion is causing online marketers a lot of stress, since it points to the next step in an ongoing effort by the world’s largest search engine to separate great content from poor content on behalf of searchers everywhere.

Make no mistake: Google is very serious about author rank, and you should be too. The sheer number of websites being created (more than 50 million every year) means that detailed algorithms are needed to help searchers find the information they’re looking for quickly. Not only do Google’s engineers have to find ways to look deeper into sites for specific phrases and topics, but they also have to find ways to judge the quality. One easy way to do that is by assessing which content creators, or authors, are likely to be credible and trusted.

With author ranks becoming more prevalent, and likely having a large impact on your search engine positioning in the future, there are a few things you should start doing immediately:

Make sure your content writers are up to the task. It’s no longer cost-effective to outsource your content creation to an overseas firm. The quality of the articles and web pages they produce isn’t going to help you get the credibility and trust you need. So, make a point of working with businesses and/or content providers you trust to get your marketing points across in an interesting and grammatically correct way.

Be a leader in your market, not a follower. If you want to rank well on Google and the other major search engines, then you need to be a source of fresh information, insight, and advice for your customers. Just following other businesses, and writing about the same things they are, isn’t going to get the job done. We should also add the usual disclaimer that you should never copy or scrape content from a competitor’s website, since it can destroy your search engine positioning permanently.

Create new articles, videos, etc. on a regular basis. Google already likes sites that produce new articles and content regularly, and consistency will likely become a part of their author rank system. That means your best bet is to start producing regular content and updates – in-house, or with the help of your Internet marketing team – on a predictable editorial schedule.

Build credibility through outside sources. Google will probably look to outside sources for help when determining which sites and authors to trust. That means press releases, social media followers, credited articles on other blogs, and even books on sites like The easier it is to see that you are an “expert” on the web, the higher your author rank is likely to be.

There was a time when any content added to your website was good content, provided that it had the right keywords to appeal to search engine spiders. With the arrival of Google author rank, however, things are going to change quickly. Will your business website be ready?

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