Email Marketing

Constant Contact PartnerSilvergear has partnered with Constant Contact for email marketing, social campaigns, and event marketing/registration. Michelle Suddeth is an Authorized Local Expert for Constant Contact and does local seminars.

Email Services

Constant Contact Email Marketing - Try it FREE for 60 daysDoes your company want to do all of your email marketing in-house? If so, Silvergear can assist you in:

  • Custom template creation to make your website/company branding
  • Assistance in developing email campaigns
  • Training to show you and your staff how to create your own campaigns


If you don’t want to do it yourself, Silvergear has full email marketing services available:

  • Custom template creation
  • Develop/Send email campaigns
  • Content Writing
  • Post campaign stats analysis


Social Campaigns

Do you love how easy it is to use Constant Contacts email templates to create professional looking email campaigns? If so, the same thing is possible when developing your own Facebook Social Media campaigns. Use Constant Contacts professional templates to build your Facebook tab pages, post it to Facebook through Constant Contact, then watch your stats through your Constant Contact dashboard? Want to learn more? Contact us at or 316-869-0958.


Does your company put on events or classes? Learn how to utilize Constant Contacts’ EventSpot to:

  • Create an event website
  • Create an event registration page
  • Add on items to purchase (such as t-shirts or meals) to your registration page
  • Take payments online
  • Have professionaly designed tickets provided to your customers after they register for an event
  • Use Constant Contact’s iPhone mobile app to easily check in by the name or scanning the QR code provided on the printable ticket


Want to learn more? Contact us at or 316-869-0958.