Project Process

Our practices ensure that you remain highly involved and informed throughout the entire project creation process, and our unique payment procedure guarantees that you will see quality results before payment for your project is requested.

Once you have enlisted Silvergear to become the architect of your project, we generally proceed with the following steps:

  1. Agreements

    We would send you two documents for approval; Silvergear’s Contract and Initial Project Proposal. These documents help to ensure that both parties are protected from any confusion and misunderstandings. The Initial Project Proposal will state exactly what services you are purchasing and for what price. Our Contract covers our responsibilities to you the client and your responsibilities as the project owner. Our Contract also covers our payment process and billing terms.

  2. Gathering

    After we have received your agreements we would gather as much information as possible about the “look/feel” you seek for your project, as well as information you would like us to include. You can send us color preferences, layout ideas, images you would like incorporated, and even refer us to websites you like/dislike. Our staff will then organize your ideas and goals into a project plan which would be referred to throughout the entire project creation.

  3. Design Branding

    Using the information gathered from the previous step, we design a draft. Depending on the project type, we alter the draft with a few different layouts and designs for you to choose from, or make suggestions for improvement to. After you have approved a project draft we would ask for 40% of the total cost.

  4. Website build/code

    Once we have received your initial payment we would fully construct your project adhering to the highest coding and programming standards available. It is during this time that we also make sure that we have received all the content and information you would like included in your project for the final launch.

  5. Launch

    After your project is complete we would give you the access information for your project so that you can test and approve. We would then ask for the remaining amount of the total cost. After we have received your final payment, we would publish live and turn all the rights of your new project over to you!

  6. Continued service

    To ensure that your project is defect free, we provide 30 days of free maintenance on the services which you have purchased. If you are in need of updates or maintenance after the 30 days are exhausted, no worries… we are here to continue serving you! We bill at an hourly rate, and send invoices out at the beginning of each month.