Events and conferences are big business, but promoting them can be a challenge. For one thing, potential attendees don’t have the time and travel budgets they once did. And for another, it’s important to look for cost-effective event marketing strategies that make people want to register early and be excited to attend.

Luckily, the Internet gives you a lot of tools for event marketing that don’t have to take out huge amounts of your time or money. Here are five of our favorites that can help you make a big impact while staying within your promotional budget:

1. Build a micro-site for the event. An event-planning micro-site can have registration information, calendars, downloadable fliers, and so much more. With this one tool, you can create interest, have a forum for updating information, and give attendees all the details they need to make the decision to attend at their fingertips.

2. Online registration for vendors. If you have vendors and sponsors who will be presenting at your event, why not give them an area of the site with costs, scheduling, technical information, space requirements, and more? The easier it is for them to sign up and participate, the more successful your event will be.

3. Use email marketing. Assuming you have a good email list to start with, giving potential attendees (as well as those who’ve already registered) regular updates can be a big help. That’s especially true these days, when it’s becoming more and more common to make last-minute plans and travel arrangements. A well-timed email reminder can make the difference.

4. Update potential attendees through social media. The great thing about event marketing through social media is that you don’t just reach your contacts, but also some of their friends and colleagues. For instance, those who are already planning to attend can share information with others, meaning you can attract more attendees and vendors.

5. Build mobile apps and calendars. These days, many of us live our lives through smartphones and tablets. That’s why mobile-ready event marketing sites and apps can make it easier to promote your meeting or conference, and reduce the time you and your staff need to keep attendees and vendors informed.

By using these tools together, you can increase the reach of your event marketing – and go a long way toward boosting early registration and attendance – without going over budget or committing all of your time to promotion. Why not call or email a member of our team today and let us show you how we can help?